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The Inspirational Story of Bboy Shadow Kid (Hong Kong)

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

This is the inspirational story of a local Bboy I met out here in Hong Kong a few months ago. He initially invited me to do a workshop at his youth centre for some the young Bboys he has been dancing with. After building and connecting with him, I later found out that he had a unique Visual Impairment Disability and he only has 5% vision. I was really humbled by his story and to see him breaking and doing all those dynamic movements in person really inspired me. It was at that moment that I felt his story really should be shared to the worldwide Hip Hop community as I felt this is truly a remarkable and motivational story of a Bboy who truly loved this culture so much that he persevered for many years to keep going despite all the challenges and hardship he faced due to his condition.
"I believe that people can see your passion just by looking at how much love and perseverance you put into your craft irrespective of your skills"


The Inspirational Story of Bboy Shadow Kid interview(Part 1/2)

The Inspirational Story of Bboy Shadow Kid interview(Part 2/2)

Shadow Kid (2019) Session clip

"It is because I have limited vision that makes me have a special understanding with the limits of my own body when it comes to learning new moves"

"I no longer need others to approve of me or approve of what I am doing and I am actually able to accept myself for who I am"

Spread the inspiration to your own community.

One love and respect.

JustRoc (Break Mission)

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