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Questions with Freeze (Ghost Crew)

Fredrick ”Freeze” Herranen was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden and is one of founding member of the world renowned Ghost Crew from Scandinavia. He started his journey as a B-boy back in 1983. Three decades on and Freeze is still active on the world b-boy scene as a innovative dancer, competitor, teacher, cypher addict and a judge. During his time as a dancer he has done most things you can do as a professional B-boy. His massive passion in the Hip Hop culture is to share what he knows as a teacher and as a man. Something that he takes great pride in doing on a world wide scale.


The QUestions (as asked by the worldwide audience)

What's your motivation of breaking at your different ages (teenager, 20s, 30s, 40s etc)?

How did you keep motivated when you dont have anyone to dance together? As far as I know, Northern Europe is a desert for breakin in certain period and yet you always represented and inspired people. How did you keep on during those periods?

Can you tell us more about the beginning of your breakin journey and how you first got down with Throwdown Rockers and what were some of the other crews you were down with before Ghost Crew?

How did you first got down with Ghost Cru?

Being a older bboy myself, i see myself getting injured more easily, what is the best advice or tips you can give us in terms of making sure we can keep on dancing like yourself?

Any advice for bboys who are trying to find their own style in the dance? Nowadays, everyone is talking about who is biting who and everything has been done before etc...So how can a new generation bboy find their own style and flava?

Nowadays, it seems that people dont care as much about dancing and music anymore in competitions. Why do judges keep voting for those people to win?

shout outs & Last words


Battle Of The Gods 2017 - Freeze (Ghost Crew) vs Pervez (Live 2 Break)

Freeze is a stronger believer of Poe One's philosophy of "Each One Teach One"

Freeze back in the day

Respect and love to freeze for taking his time to answer all the questions!



Break Mission co-founder

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