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Throwback Of The Month

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

This month we look back at one of the most memorable Break Mission UK in history - Break Mission UK Vol.5 back in February 2013. This edition featured a special Bonnie & Clyde Valentine Special as well as a much hyped "City vs City Crew Exhibition Battle". Another historic moment of this jam was the presence of two of UK's legendary breakers - Bboy Evo (Street Machine) and Bgirl Bubbles (First UK Bgirl)


Bboy Beanz (Leeds) repping against Manchester in the City vs City Crew Battle

City vs City Crew Battle - LEEDS VS MANCHESTER

Cypher time at the start of the jam

Bboy Evo an Bgirl Bubbles dropping knowledge

Check the full talk below:

Judges, MC with winners and runners up of the Bonnie & Clyde 2on2.

Bonnie & Clyde Final Battle - BEANZ & RAWGINA (UK) vs PHASE T (FRANCE)

All the ladies of the jam

The story of the first UK Bgirl

EVO (aka Demon Smurf) - A B-Boy Documentary

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