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10 things we hate with Swifty

Updated: Sep 2, 2018


Inspired by the Legendary Super B-Beat Show from San Diego, CA; we decided to bring back the infamous "10 Things We Hate" section of their show. Each month we will ask you guys what are the 10 things you hate as well as asking a well known figure in the Hip Hop community what are the 10 things he/she hates. Watch this space for a bit of fun and banter. No offence intended.

This month, our special guest for this segment is none other than one of the hardest working MC in the world right now and the Break Mission UK resident MC; the "Black Beard" himself, Swifty from Northampton, UK.

Hope you guys enjoy this month's episode of 10 Things We Hate. Let us know what you think and email us the 10 things you hate to:

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