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10 questions with Alien Ness

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

“Without battling, B-Boying itself would not exist. Every aspect of the dance was created for competition, and every move is judged according to its effectiveness as a weapon. Through battle, B-Boys and B-Girls learn to use humble discipline as foundation for arrogant creativity. They transform precision and finesse into symbols of raw aggression. They attack without no mercy, yet still see their opponents as distinct and valuable human beings. Ultimately, battling teaches its disciples how to use style to reconcile opposing forces, a skill that may well be the heart of HIp Hop itself. It is certainly the reason why Alien Ness can simultaneously be one of B-Boying’s most vicious warriors, and also one of its most respected diplomats.”

~Joe Schloss. Author of the Books ;

“Making Beats; The Art of Sample-Based Hip Hop “ and the acclaimed “Foundation: B-boys, B-girls and Hip-Hop Culture in New York”



Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Doodle sheet for a crew that Ness was down with and mentioned in the question about the first crews he was down with.

During the interview, Ness mentioned the battle between NYC Breakers and High Performance Breakers. Here is the flyer for that event.

Ness on this flyer for High Performance. He is on the top left.


1- Why you called Alien Ness?

2- I know one of the first crew you were down with was called Hot Feet Rockers, what were the other crews you were down with in the beginning and can you share more about them and how you got down with them?

3- How do you feel about bboys teach his/her signature moves in their workshop, would you call that biting when others start using these moves after taking their workshops?

4- Whats your thoughts about these bboys and bgirls who only focus to win competitions and only practice their skills/moves/sets just to win these competitions?

5- What do you think about bboys and bgirls in the world nowadays?

6- Is Breakin' Art or Sport to you?

7- What is your views on people in Asia learning about Hip Hop, since we have such a different culture and lifestyle here. Hip Hop was born in NYC yet so many Asia people here trying to act like they are from the Old Skool, and sometimes you hear these bboys say they are learning the "Old Skool Style" so what are your thoughts about this? Is there such a thing as an "Old Skool Style"? Whats your advice for the new generation bboy to develop their own style?

8- How should bboys in the current generation treat the history of this dance? Should we imitate it or redeveop it in different social context?

9- How do you approach your heroes?

10- What's the current state of Hip Hop (in general), and where is it heading towards?



Operation Get Down

Alien Ness Bronxstyle The Blueprint

Alien Ness explaining what footwork is to him

Alien Ness explains Toprock

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