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David “Footloose” Russell is a B-Boy (Breakdancer) who fell in love with Hip-Hop culture at the age of 27, always being a fan of Hip-Hop music since the age of 14 listening to Big L, Big Pun, Biggie, Cypress Hill.


He found an escape by listening to this music as well as rock music to escape his Homelife, smoking weed and drinking was also a way to escape from what tragedies he was going through as a teenager from abuse in the family to violence and prison which left him with anxiety attacks and panic attacks. He used Hip-Hop music to listen and become someone else through the lyrics and related to what the words said in the songs which relied the feelings he had inside


At 27 he found out about what real Hip-Hop culture was the five elements B-Boying, DJaying, Graffiti, MC’ing plus the most important Knowledge, Knowledge of self and all the things around you to make yourself a better person, co-founded an event called Break Mission in 2012 which helps raise clothes and food for the areas it works in, instead of charging money on the door you just bring clothes or food donations to help the local homeless. This gave him focus and direction to make it one of the biggest Hip-Hop events in the U.K as it was very close to his heart going through the struggle of homelessness himself. Dance has made it easier for him to cope with feelings that still trouble him today but with the freedom of The Way Of The B-boy he now lets those feelings come out in his dance style through self expression and being happy in the music.

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