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Captain SugarRush

Host/Stage Manager

My name is Stephen aka Captain SugarRush.

I break for the Just4Funk Crew and I’m part of the Break Mission team.

I’m also co-founder of Tuff Breaks and on the Floor Wars International Team.

I’ve always loved the elements of Hip Hop and dabbled in mcing and breakin in my teens. I never dreamt how far Hip Hop could take me. I’m now a childrens’ and youth worker. I also teach breakin,  run community projects,  host, compete, and run breakin events.

I’ve been to all sorts of places through breaking, around Europe, America, the Caribbean.

Too many highlights to list – going to Kool Herc's 60th birthday, with Cypress Hill and Rock Steady crew, going to the Caribbean and doing shows at graduations to inspire people for their future life and achieving their dreams, performing at Glastonbury Festival, Sadlers Wells Theatre, Beautiful Days, breaking for music videos, being involved with X fighters Freestyle Motocross at Battersea Power Station and so much more.

I’m so blessed to be part of Break Mission. It’s more than an event -  it’s making a difference in the community, culture and the the scene.


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