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Dek One

I originate from Birmingham, but am now based in north London, I was a Writer briefly in a small crew and started dj'ing in 1994, right in the middle of the boom bap golden era, music was my first contact with B boy/girl culture, I feel so lucky I can say that, as clubbing has never been the same since. In the 90s I played at such clubs as Snobs Jazz/Hip hop room, The institute Digbeth academy at the SWEAT funk nights, and also in side hip hop rooms at drum and bass nights at the QUE CLUB. I played soul funk and hip hop and still have most of the records I played back then. 


I moved to London and started a few hip hop nights in Camden, and got on the b boy circuit in around 2006, and im still going strong, the last one to still play vinyl in UK battles, I'm proud of that in a way but actually is only because I cant work computers. 


Thanks to Foot loose for putting me into the Bronx Boys UK chapter and Dj Khanfu and DJ Jam fu for getting me into Break Mission, its been a lifesaver this hip hop family 


I look forward to playing Funk for B boys and girls for as long as I can, because nothing compares to being in that zone


Long live James Brown




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