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WOOSH competition management SYSTEM







We all know what 5 mins cypher time means... Next thing you know, it's 8pm and main battles haven't even started.

Nobody likes poorly organised competitions and we as a scene have come to accept it as standard.


Well Woosh Competition Management System is here to change that for good, ensuring event organisers, competitors, invited artists and spectators all experience a smoother, more transparent event! From organised schedules and battle brackets, to judging and live updates: the next version of @wooshcms is gonna be available to the scene early summer next year, and is going to give us all the tools we need to have consistently dope events!

Created by @torrellpremier & @laschnik, two B-Boys from the UK and Germany respectively, they are working closely with the scene in order to develop the most authentic system to cater to our needs as a community, and help improve the quality and judging of our events!


Check out their Instagram page @wooshcms for more info on the system, where the developers have some content, showing you more about how Woosh will benefit our events!

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