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Sir Swifty

Director/Stage Manager/ Host


Hailing From the town of Northampton, Swifty has been dancing as a bboy for 19 years. Representing the crew FLOORLESS FORMS, Swifty has made his way as a host since 2006 hosting local jams  and got his first break hosting regional conflict the original uk qualifier for UK champs. Since then he hosts regularly for Redbull BC1, WBC, The notorious Ibe, Break mission, Groovanomatry freestyle session world finals and Break central. He has also hosted for R16 UK, freestyle session UK we bgirlz world finals, freestyle session world finals and break junkies. Harnessing his experience and affirming his reputation in the hip hop community he is now also a Director and stage manager for breakmission worldwide.


Swifty is know for his witty remarks, jokes and for getting the crowd going whilst keeping the energy levels high!!

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